Double Triple Summer Fest gives skateboarding and BMX riders an experience of unique airport-look course on August 13-15 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The event is an official contest of World Cup Skateboarding.

The event includes two parts: Ukrainian Session on August 13 and international contest on August 14-15.

The location of the contest stays the same — People's Friendship Arch in the heart of Kyiv with Dnipro panorama.

The prize fund is over 14 000 euros

The main topic of Double Triple Summer Fest is 'Kyiv is open for the whole world'.

Event course with 2000 square meters area will bring riders to travel atmosphere and will be look like a real airport. For example, the starting point will be located in the arrival terminal and riders zone — at the roof upside it. Wallride will be located upside the shuttle bus stop. And all the course will be surrounded with signal lights. Ladders, luggage room, registration desk and business lounge will finish the whole look.
Ukrainian Session

13:40 — Skate warm-up
(for qualifiers only)
14:40 — Skate qualification
16:00 — BMX warm-up
(for qualifiers only)
17:00 — BMX qualification
20:00 — Prize ceremony
International part

11:40 — BMX warm-up
(for qualifiers only)
12:40 — BMX qualification
17:10 — Skate warm-up
(for qualifiers only)
18:10 — Skate qualification
20:00 — Skate warm-up
(only for semi-finalists)
20:30 — Skate semi-final
International part

15:00 — Skate warm-up
(only for finalists)
16:00 — Skate Final
18:15 — Skate Best trick
18:45 — BMX warm-up
(only for finalists)
19:45 — BMX Final
20:45 — BMX Best trick
22:00 — Prize ceremony
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Inquiries from athletes:
+380 99 756 3223 (Anna)

Inquiries from media:
+380 66 667 87 16 (Julia)
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